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FAGOLD is surely rising to become a world brand with the advertisements in press, sponsorships in series, İzmir Jewex sponsorship and also with the social responsibility projects, giving support to Çanakkale Martyrs' Promotion and Research Association publications..
In our country in terms of jewelery, FAGOLD is the primary firm that comes to mind which includes each details of fashion design criteria, fast service and product quality.
Name of FAGOLD took inspiration in terms of fantasy and fantastic style from the manufactured products, has a nature of universal brand name due to its easy pronunciation.
FAGOLD is preparing four collections a year, caters for all tastes.. As day use models and also night and fantasy models that can be used in invitations, its’ a inevitable reality that this brand is a conveniently preferred brand for women.
Brand is offering a reliable shopping opportunity by the help of an international certificate HRD ( Hoge Raad voor de Diamant ) which is given for diamond products, is extremely responding to the needs for gold, especially wedding diamond sets and diamond solitaire.
Products can be found, virtually every point of Turkey. Thanks to wide basket of products and extensive service network , product can be delivered all over Turkey.